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From: Beauty of Science :Israel bds : Dialogue Through Science

The Beauty of Science is International

Students from all fields and countries share the beauty of their scientific images in a unique exhibit

From: Beauty of Science :Israel bds : Dialogue Through Science

Among the graduate students and postdoctoral fellows whose work was chosen to hang in the “Beauty of Science” exhibit were Alexander Dauth from Austria, Ana Parabucki from Montenegro and Maria Pierantoni, from Italy. The best images, the results of their scientific research, were selected from 12 students, and hung in the corridors of Clore International House, on the Weizmann Institute of Science Campus.




Israel BDS – building dialogue through science – aims to promote the kind of international collaboration that can lead to true understanding between people. Israel BDS stands for the free and open exchange of ideas among scientists everywhere. By reporting on the benefits of Israeli-international scientific research and the web of connections that these scientists create around the world, Israel BDS takes a vibrant approach to highlighting the global necessity of continued international scientific collaboration.