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A blue colored biological microscopic virus

Robust 4C-seq data analysis to screen for regulatory DNA interactions

Regulatory DNA elements can control the expression of distant genes via physical interactions

A blue colored biological microscopic virus

virus on a blue background

Harmen J G van de Werken, Gilad Landan, Sjoerd J B Holwerda, Michael Hoichman, Petra Klous, Ran Chachik, Erik Splinter, Christian Valdes-Quezada, Yuva Öz, Britta A M Bouwman, Marjon J A M Verstegen, Elzo de Wit, Amos Tanay & Wouter de Laat

Regulatory DNA elements can control the expression of distant genes via physical interactions. Here we present a cost-effective methodology and computational analysis pipeline for robust characterization of the physical organization around selected promoters and other functional elements using chromosome conformation capture combined with high-throughput sequencing (4C-seq). Our approach can be multiplexed and routinely integrated with other functional genomics assays to facilitate physical characterization of gene regulation.

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