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Media Takes Notice of Israel BDS

Media Takes Notice of Israel BDS

BDS is becoming the acronym for "building dialogue through science"

Media Takes Notice of Israel BDS

The Huffington Post recently mentioned this website in a piece on anti-BDS (the other BDS) efforts:

“The Weizmann Institute of Science, a prestigious Israeli research center, has recently launched a new website, and they are calling it Israel BDS. The acronym BDS is more commonly identified for the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement against Israel, but Weizmann’s scholars converted it to Building Dialogue through Science…Using science as a porthole of truth, Weizmann President explained Israel BDS’s tactics plainly, that “if we are going to work against the other BDS, we must do so with real information.”


Israel BDS – building dialogue through science – aims to promote the kind of international collaboration that can lead to true understanding between people. Israel BDS stands for the free and open exchange of ideas among scientists everywhere. By reporting on the benefits of Israeli-international scientific research and the web of connections that these scientists create around the world, Israel BDS takes a vibrant approach to highlighting the global necessity of continued international scientific collaboration.